What if your headache never went away?

Helping people in your life understand what you are experiencing with NDPH can be difficult and frustrating. Is there a way to help them truly empathize? A contributor to the site Empathize This came up with a comic strip about … Continue reading

Closer to Fine

Last month, I hit the seven year mark with NDPH. I also reached my 40th Birthday. I didn’t really want to celebrate either of them. Do you blame me? 🙂 I’m still being treated for Lyme (one year and four … Continue reading

No Complaints – NDPH Weekly Update

Yesterday, I complained so much that I started to irritate myself. I heard myself say(more times than I can count) “my head hurts” and “I’m so tired” and “my head feels like its going to explode.” It was so annoying … Continue reading