An Honest Look at NDPH and Lyme

The game of let’s pretend started early. Back when I was first diagnosed with NDPH (8.5 years ago), my doctor was so lighthearted and optimistic that I walked out of his office thinking I was just a few pills away … Continue reading

Closer to Fine

Last month, I hit the seven year mark with NDPH. I also reached my 40th Birthday. I didn’t really want to celebrate either of them. Do you blame me? 🙂 I’m still being treated for Lyme (one year and four … Continue reading

New Year, New Diagnosis

On New Year’s Eve, my doctor called with the results of my most recent blood tests. The past few months have been difficult for me. In addition to the headaches, I began getting twitches, buzzing, creepy nerve feelings in my … Continue reading