About Amy

I'm a mom of three young girls, a freelance writer and journalist. I have had NDPH for 8 years.

Thai Yoga Massage for Daily Headache

Can Thai yoga massage relieve the pain of your chronic headaches or New Daily Persistent Headache? The following video highlights one woman’s experience and relief from chronic daily migraines. She experienced a 95% improvement and had suffered from daily headaches … Continue reading

Massage Therapy for Chronic Headaches

Long before I had any idea what living with chronic headaches was like, I had a desire to help people who suffered with them.  My older brother was diagnosed with cluster headaches before he turned 20 and I had witnessed … Continue reading

Doxycycline and Singulair for NDPH

It seems like a strange combination of medications to take to attempt to get rid of New Daily Persistent Headache, I know. I’m trying it out  now, at the recommendation of my new neurologist. If  you would like to read … Continue reading