About Amy

I'm a mom of three young girls, a freelance writer and journalist. I have had NDPH for 8 years.

Young Boy Cured of NDPH

NDPH success stories are few and far between. It is rare that we hear of someone getting 100% better. I recieved this story as a  comment recently on an article I wrote about NDPH on Hubpages. I thought I would … Continue reading

Just a Morphish Marfan

The typical look of  New Daily Persistent Headache… It all started when I was a teenager. I drove my sister out to Long Island to see a doctor we not so lovingly nicknamed “Dr. Psycho” because she was just a … Continue reading

No Complaints – NDPH Weekly Update

Yesterday, I complained so much that I started to irritate myself. I heard myself say(more times than I can count) “my head hurts” and “I’m so tired” and “my head feels like its going to explode.” It was so annoying … Continue reading