About Amy

I'm a mom of three young girls, a freelance writer and journalist. I have had NDPH for 8 years.

Finding a Doctor to Treat New Daily Persistent Headache

Is it possible there is a treatment out there for NDPH that your current doctor is not aware of? If you are being treated as a migraine patient, then chances are there is more that can be done. ¬†From my … Continue reading

Closer to Fine

Last month, I hit the seven year mark with NDPH. I also reached my 40th Birthday. I didn’t really want to celebrate either of them. Do you blame me? ūüôā I’m still being treated for Lyme (one year and four … Continue reading

Does Botox Work for New Daily Persistent Headache?

I’ve heard this same question asked consistently over the past seven years. The answer differs, depending on who you ask. Although I considered it, I never got around to trying it. I kept putting in off and trying other things … Continue reading

Can NDPH be Cured without Medication?

I¬†received¬†another personal story this week that I would like to share. Although I did not find a cure for NDPH with this method, it may work for you. Clearly, relief comes in different forms for different people. The following story … Continue reading

Physical Therapy for NDPH: A Success Story

I recently¬†received¬†a personal story from a reader about her struggle with New Daily Persistent Headache and the treatment she used to lead to a recovery. I’m sharing it here with the hope that it will help someone reduce, or even … Continue reading

New Year, New Diagnosis

On New Year’s Eve, my doctor called with the results of my most recent blood tests. The past few months have been difficult for me. In addition to the headaches, I began getting twitches, buzzing, creepy nerve feelings in my … Continue reading