About Amy

I'm a mom of three young girls, a freelance writer and journalist. I have had NDPH for 8 years.

Subtype of NDPH – Thunderclap Onset

I have spent the past two days sifting through thousands of comments here waiting for approval. If you are a subscriber of the blog or comment subscriber, I owe you an apology! All of the approved comments many have hit … Continue reading

An Honest Look at NDPH and Lyme

The game of let’s pretend started early. Back when I was first diagnosed with NDPH (8.5 years ago), my doctor was so lighthearted and optimistic that I walked out of his office thinking I was just a few pills away … Continue reading

What if your headache never went away?

Helping people in your life understand what you are experiencing with NDPH can be difficult and frustrating. Is there a way to help them truly empathize? A contributor to the site Empathize This came up with a comic strip about … Continue reading

Surgery for NDPH

Is surgery an option you are considering to treat your NDPH? Over the past year, there has been an in depth discussion going on here about a controversial surgery done by only one doctor in the world, Dr. Shevel in … Continue reading

What Do You Need?

A cure, I know. Over the years I have recieved many emails and comments from parents and spouses of people suffering from NDPH. The questions are almost always the same. They always contain the same desperation. How can I help … Continue reading