Rowan’s Story

It’s rare to come across a success story when it comes to the treatment of NDPH. I found Rowan’s story today in the comment section of one of the posts here on the blog and wanted to share. I hope that this can help someone out there find relief from their pain.

“My son has recovered from NDPH and he wants his treatment documented for others. Rowan woke up on Sept. 10, 2012, age 13, with an excruciating headache which was continuous until Feb. 10, 2014.

He had done Topomax, Maxalt and other migraine medicines with no avail. Botox and DHE infusions were also tried. He was put on a low dose of Protriptyline which lessened the headaches but he was still unable to attend school and ordinary social functions. In December of 2013 we went to a new neurologist, Dr. Khoury in Dallas, TX. Rowan’s meds were bumped up to high doses of Protriptyline and high doses of Cambia. Both of these have an anti-inflammatory effect and after 6 weeks of that regimen, Rowan’s headache stopped and has not returned in the last 5 weeks.

My heart goes out all of the NDPH sufferers and please never give up hope. Regards Dr. White (Rowan’s mom)”

If you have tried these medications, please share your experience (pros and cons!) in the comment section.

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  1. Thanks for the story!

    To Rowan’s mom…is he still on the meds? Does the Dr. Plan to take him off at any time? Love more details.

    • I just joined this forum, as my son got his headache in mid april 2016, and I have reluctantly admitted it is NDPH . I do not see any recent posts though How is Rowan doing?? My heart goes out to everyone with this, and particularly the teenagers, like him and my son.

  2. To Rowans mothers,
    you mentoned your son was on high doses of the cambia and protriptylin, can you give the dose amount for us. just spoke with my LLMD and she prescribed me some Cambia and im already on amitriptylin…… any feedbck would greatly appreciated ???

  3. Hi, has anyone thought that it could be the diet that is causing NDPH? I’ve been through 18 different types of drugs from the first headache (32 days). None have helped, Relax only helped cutting my migraine type of headache, down to a 3.. I had stomach issues, as well as not been sick, not once, since this all started (Jan 14 2014). Has me questioning what do I put into my body. 50% of which I should any way. I was having a nerve conductivity test done. After we were talking and the Dr. tells me ” we constantly get memo’s from our body. Telling us that something is wrong. Very rarely do anything because we don’t under stand the memo or we don’t know how.” So I put the stomach and heartburn issues together. 10 years ago I woke up being lactose intolerant. So maybe with the NDPH, the stomach is the solution??

  4. I would love to know if Rowan is still on meds as well. I have been on Lyrica for about 3 weeks now and it has reduced my pain, but not removed it. I would love to know if something helps break the pain permanently but can also n stopped so we are not on meda forever.
    Thanks, Aaron
    Longview, TX

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