Update: NDPH Stories and Book

I promised a book about NDPH, I know. I have 345,329 excuses. I won’t bore you with them. I’ve been collecting stories from readers around the world for ages now and in the process of putting it all together, I got stuck.

I had a Lyme relapse. NDPH came back as if it had never left. Life happened all around me. I started putting a ton of my writing energy into my parenting blog, where sometimes I feel like I am living a double life because I won’t allow myself to talk about my pain there.

So my half-finished project is still on the back burner while I try to get myself together.

In the meantime, I would like to start posting some of the stories I have received here on the blog, with the hopes that these stories will help you feel less alone in this battle. I know they have done that for me.

Thank you for all of your stories. Thank you for being there for each other in the comments section when I have been unable to respond. Your emails inspire me and sometimes they break my heart. Keep them coming.

Look for the first story in the next day or two. And watch for a little site makeover within the next week.



Update: NDPH Stories and Book — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Amy, for your caring commitment to others by providing your time and networking skills to all of us who suffer daily. Your website is the only place I have ever gotten any confirmation that I’m not the only one who suffers with relentless pain day in and day out from undiagnosed headaches. I also want to thank all my fellow sufferers who are willing to share their stories. Perhaps a common thread will surface some day. Terri L.

  2. Thank you Amy for your Blog. I am a first time reader and this is my first reply. I’ve had NDPH, 2 year mark on April 17, 2013. I’m so glad to connect to other people with NDPH. 31 Doctors both Eastern and Western treatment. Like many others, I’ve tried a lot. I’m going to pursue the Lyme Disease route again. My test in 2011 was negative. I also heard from another Lyme sufferer to go to a Lyme Expert due to the controversy around Treatment. Thank you for your blog and whenever you are ready, we need your book!
    Heather Q

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