Can NDPH be Cured without Medication?

I received another personal story this week that I would like to share. Although I did not find a cure for NDPH with this method, it may work for you. Clearly, relief comes in different forms for different people.

The following story is from Auli Peltonen in Finland:

“Hi Amy and all people who suffer severe headaches every day!
It’s been just about six months ago when I healed from my daily, terrible headaches and now I feel up to sharing my story;
Just like everybody who suffers this awful condition of headache, every single day, some days you can tolerate it and some days you just want to jump from the roof.
I had my headaches for 188 days and that felt so terrible, I wouldn’t wish it for my worst enemy.
Well, you all know what I’m talking about…
From the beginning, I was very eager to find out what’s causing this pain, saw so many doctors I can’t even count them anymore, tried too many medications, some of them made me feel even sicker, tried acupuncture, massage, exercise,
all different doctors and medications…nothing helped!
I was told by chief physician that they can’t do anything else for me but try different medications and hope something would help. I was totally depressed and amazed by the fact that they “turned their backs” at me.
I was supposed to stop gradually one medication and start a new one, then I decided to have a little break from medications;
I felt that I was pumped up with all these meds and wanted to cleanse myself for a while before starting a new medication again, I figured it couldn’t hurt me since headache was there every day anyway…might as well take a tiny break.
After I stopped all medication, it took about one week for all the other side effects to go away and suddenly I woke up one day and didn’t have any headache!!
The feeling was so unreal, I bet you can all imagine how amazed I was…”listening” to my head, when would it start again. One day pain free, then second day pain free, third day…
Now it’s been a little bit more than half a year of pain free life 
It took quite a while for me to realize that this is normal state, headaches are not coming back, I can finally live my life again!!
What I’m trying to say; try to be brave, loose the medications totally for a while, give your body some healthy times without any meds and hopefully your head will thank you like it did to me.
What do you have to lose?
I wish you all better times, be critical, doctors are not always Gods.
-Auli “
Thanks for sharing your story Auli, and I hope you continue to enjoy good health!


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  1. I’ve tried that method many times.

    If it can be cured by body cleansings and getting off all the medications, it wasn’t NDPH to begin with.

    • Hi Steve – I have tried all of that as well, and it improved my situation but did not get rid of the headache. I hope that it could work for someone out there tough because we are all different. For me, all the diets and cleansing etc…helped the rest of my body feel good and kept my headache pain lower for the most part. My headache was less likely to spike up to high pain when I was careful about the food I ate. Even now, as I am trying to rid my body of Lyme Disease, the headache will return if I eat poorly, and i’ve been attempting to follow the “Lyme Diet” which is very similar to the type of diet recommended to get rid of headaches.

  2. I am currently trying something similar. I started getting my chronic daily headaches when I was 17. (I’m 34 now.) The doctors were totally confused and had no idea what was causing them. When they saw abnormal EEGs they decided I had a rare form of epilepsy and I started taking Tegretol. It controlled my headache pain for about 14 years, and then suddenly without warning they came back. At first, I tried the Vicodin they had prescribed for breakthrough pain (which I had occassionally), but it wouldn’t touch the pain. Neurologists were at a loss. I had numerous tests and saw several doctors over the next year and a half. I tried every variety of pain relief I could think of, and nothing helped. Doctors prescribed pain medicines as well as a variety of “preventative” solutions, from migraine meds, to nerve medications, to antidepressants, and combinations of these. Ultimately, I was admitted into the hospital for a DHE treatment and EEG study. I was released with another prescription that didn’t work, and the diagnosis of “Chronic Daily Headache.” A few months later they prescribed Topamax, which eventually worked.
    I’ve been taking 300mg/day for the past 5 years or so. It has controlled my headache pain, but I have been dependent on it – missing a dose has resulted in a headache. I would really like to not be taking any medication (particularly since I would like to eventually become pregnant) and so I began the research on getting off of Topamax. It required a very slow process because it could cause negative side effects, so I couldn’t quit cold turkey.
    I am happy to say that I am down to 50mg/day at this point. I have tried 25mg and had resulting headaches, but I’m trying to ease my body into it. I am trying to teach my body to cope with and overcome the pain gradually and to function with less and less of the medicine in my system, and ultimately, my goal is to function with NO medicine. I have researched about the brain and pain and according to what I’ve read the kind of headaches we have actually make our brains more sensitive to pain. Kind of like a raw wire. It takes time to heal those nerves and teach them to function appropriately again. (Which makes me wonder what brought on the original pain, but that’s another research topic for another day, haha!) I try to cope each day with as little pain medicine as possible, and I try to not take pain medicines unless it’s absolutely neccesary – I do take tylenol cold when I have a cold, and I take aleve when my bursitis is bad, but I try to handle my head pain without it. Basically I have the attitude that my headache is whining for pain meds, like a spoiled kid wants candy. I tell it no and it learns who is boss – and meanwhile, forgets the taste of the “candy.” Maybe that sounds ridiculous, but from someone who’s suffered with this for over 17 years, I can tell you, I’ve tried EVERYTHING else, and THIS is working!

    I have hope that within the month I can be headache-free without drugs! And I’m PSYCHED about it!

    • That would be amazing if you could be headache free and drug free together! Please keep me updated so I can share your story with my readers. Hopefully it can help some one else find their cure! 🙂

  3. I hope so, too! I am so excited to be almost there! I just completed a two week cycle of 25mg of topamax (which is 1/12 of my original maintenance dosage!)

    Last night was my first night to try going to bed without taking ANY medication. I woke up with a horrible headache during the night, but I have been fighting a sinus infection and that could have been a trigger. I didn’t give in and take my medicine, and after I was able to fall asleep, I woke up feeling fine. I have a VERY dull headache this afternoon (which is totally manageble) and I will continue with my plan! I will consider 2 weeks headache free without meds to be a success! I can hardly wait!

    Also… I wanted to mention this as well. I gave up caffeine years ago to help avoid triggers. Recently I began drinking Sprite, which is caffeine free. After several months of eliminating other possibilities and trial and error type testing, I believe that an ingredient in Sprite has been causing some of my more recent headaches. It has been a surprising discovery, but after eliminating the Sprite my medicines seemed to work more effectively. I have also found the same results with Coke and A&W rootbeer, but not Dr. Pepper and Pepsi. I have intended to track down the ingredient that could be the trigger, but I haven’t yet. I thought you might like to share this info with others. It seemed an unlikely trigger, but since many headache sufferers avoid caffeine, it may be more common among this group! Of course, I could be an oddball, but perhaps this tip will help someone else, too!

  4. Today marks TWO WEEKS of being headache-free with NO medication! I can’t tell you how excited I am to have been blessed this way! God is good!

    You may find my statement bold, but I attribute this miracle solely to God! I have been suffering with unexplained chronic daily headaches since the age of 17. During that time I went for about a year without relief. 5 years ago I had a similar episode which lasted for over 15 months. During that time I received numerous tests and tried multiple medications and combinations of medicines. Ultimately, a few months after a hospital stay and DHE treatment, they tried Topamax (again) and this time it worked. It has successfully controlled my headaches for the past five years. However I was ready to be medication-free! Over the past two months I have VERY gradually tapered off of my Topamax. I had some rough days mixed in there, but I tried to deal with the pain, rather than increase my medication. The last 25 mgs seemed to take the longest. But I am happy to say that God has answered my prayers and the prayers of all those who have been concerned about me, and I am more than excited to be HEADACHE FREE now!

    I wish all of you a pain-free day! And I hope that one day very soon you will know the excitement I have today to enjoy days without pain!

    May God bless you all!

    Gratefully, Jenni

  5. Dear Jenni.

    I red your story and was totally overwhelmed with joy and happiness for you!!
    I can’t even imagine what you’ve been going thru over the years.

    I have been thinking a little bit about my headache and the fact that doctor’s never found out what was the original reason for pain to begin but what I’m sure about is that the meds kept me sick!

    As you write about your process of trying to teach your body beeing without meds, it was so used to having them all the time and needing the meds, causing pain if it didn’t get any…that’s medicisin headache.

    I’m not saying this works for all, since our bodies and minds work very differently.
    I’m just very happy for you an truly hope your headaches are gone for good!

    Wishing you a joyful, painfree times for the rest of your life 🙂

    • Auli,
      Thank you so much! Yes, I have truly been blessed! It has now been about a month since I have been off medication and I have only had one headache which was better after a night of sleep!! I’m so happy to be “normal” again!
      I am happy for you as well! I hope you continue to be pain-free!
      May God bless you abundantly!

  6. Your story is inspiring and I am slowly treading in this direction. I am on enough medication to take down an elephant and feel like I live in a cave. So to me it’s worth trying not having it. Also, I want to have another child. The neurologist seems to think I won’t be better without it, he has a terrific bedside manner. Thank you for your story. I had my first round of Botox injections this week to see if that might numb the headache as I detox. Being brave is the hard part, because the pain is always present.

  7. Two months off my medication and I’ve only had about 4 days with bad pain! If nothing else, those headaches are a reminder of what life used to be like, and it makes me so grateful to be free from that cycle now! I’m so happy! I am still praying for those of you who are still struggling!

  8. I am in the process still of detoxing now…it is very hard but it is good to see Jenni’s story as more encouragement. I wish I could just drop the meds all at once but I know that would be too much on my body. I feel miserable right now but I have to wonder if it is going off of the meds. I also have to tell myself, I wasn’t doing well on them! My biggest fear though is my aura coming back. The seizure meds changed whole scope of my migraines and the aura was very anxiety producing. I am seeing a chronic pain pyschologist who is helping me through the process because this has been very overwhelming. I feel like I woke up in a strangers body one day, she assures me I will be myself again one day soon…and I hope that’s true. She also told me to never give up hope, that medicines change, studies change, ect. every day, I think I was getting very forlorn. In another 3 weeks I’ll be back to tell you how I’m doing. Oh, and I should mention, we threw birth control into the mix to see if my hormones might have been messing me up, it’s a very low progestrone (i know i spelled that wrong) dose…if i feel like it’s adding to the headaches I will toss that too, luckily my body can’t get addicted to that! Right now though I have gone from 600 mg of zonsimide to 300, I will go to 200 tomorrow night…almost dropped all my blood pressure med…and the only thing left after that would be an anti-deppressant (Wellbutrin) which I may or may not keep. The real thing I want out of my system is the seizure meds. I think they were causing suidical thoughts/dark thoughts….trust me, I am a happy well rounded person, but after 10 months of chronic pain i hit my ledge and 600 mg of a drug thats known for behavorial changes was not helpful at all. Happy detoxing.

    • Has he had a DHE treatment? I think that may have been a catalyst to my eventual recovery. I had been so inundated with a variety of medications that I think clearing out my system helped. The two weeks before I entered the hospital I was told to take NOTHING for the pain. It was a horrible two weeks, but I have to say it had already gotten past unbearable, so a little worse wasn’t as bad as I expected. I mean I was already in constant excruciating pain for months. The pain meds weren’t really helping anyway.

      After the DHE they eventually put me back on Topamax which worked this time. And, as I said, I began tapering off of that 3 years later. It’s been nearly 4 months now, and my only complaint is that Topamax apparently wrecked my metabolism and I have been gaining weight steadily since going off of it. Hoping that levels out soon, too!

      I wish you and your husband well as you seek his recovery!

      • DHE is the only thing that has really worked for the migraine component for me. For daily pain, I just started tramadol which has dramatically changed my life. However, I only plan on being on this med for about 6 months because I want to have another baby- it can be addictive over time.

      • I don’t know if I have had DHE what is it? Iam on topomax and depocoat and a altimeizrs drugs plus several other pills. I went pill free last nov after mysix brain surgrary and before my headache I work in a gym with body wt 190pds and 15% body fat.aug 2 it will be 4 years straight with someone drilling holes in my head god I wish it probaly fell better.

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