My NDPH Update

The New Pup

There is really good reason I haven’t been around for a bit. Unfortunately, it is not because I am cured of NDPH. It’s because I have taken on a freelance writing job that is a bit more long term than I am used to.
It’s almost like a real job.
And, yes, I still manage my three kids.
And my headaches.
But the truth is, my head hasn’t been as bad this season. At least, not as bad as it usually is in the spring. I’m not sure why, I’m not asking any questions. It could very well be the weather. It’s been a beautiful spring here this year, very unusual.
Anyway, my new gig is as a beat reporter (that term just makes me laugh a little) for an online news website that is hyperlocal. I don’t even have to leave town for my job, which is a huge deal for me. My beat is schools, so it really is a terrific fit.
My kids love it, except when I work on the weekend, then they complain. But they may find something to complain about anyway.
They also let me write a parenting column, which I really enjoy. It’s called Adorable Chaos, so check it out if you are interested.
Once in a while, I’m just a little humorous. I still have not been able to find the humor in this headache situation, but I try.

My update,  in summary is “hey there, hope all is well, my head still hurts (I’m sure yours does too), but I’m managing to work more, be back soon and oh yeah, I got a new dog. :)”

That cute little pup at the top of my post? She’s our new little love. We adopted her just a few weeks ago. Isn’t she cute?


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  1. Our daughter has been diagnosed with new daily persistent headaches and has been sick for about a year. She desperately wants to have a baby. What drugs are safe for her to do that and still handle the daily pain?

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