NDPH Weekly Update – Desert Dreaming

This desert home looks like heaven to me! Its for sale...I

I knew it was raining Tuesday morning before I even opened my eyes. I couldn’t hear the rain, but I could feel the pain that the rain always  triggers. It happened again today.

I need to move to a desert oasis, free from humidity and moisture. Really, I do.

I want to tell you that I had a great week, because I did, aside from the pain. Two high  pain days isn’t that bad (right?). I did find myself huddled on the kitchen floor at one point, but only once, and it was from stomach pain that I suspect was the result of the meds. I stopped the Doxycycline and the pain went with it.

So what was so good about this week? Well, I entered a contest to be The Good  Mood Blogger (please take a moment to vote for me ). My friends and family have pulled together for me, bringing in close to 400 votes at last check! I need to stay in the top 20 of applicants to make it to the final round. At that point, I will have to make a video of myself and submit a resume and writing sample.

Truthfully, it is incredibly difficult to be in a good mood when dealing with constant pain. I’m still here. I’m not giving up and I’m smiling as I write this, even though I feel like someone is hitting me in the head with a hammer at the moment.

It is amazing to me, what can be tolerated.

All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming. – Helen Keller

I do have a secret. it’s one you have heard before. Gratitude. I know it may be hard to find something to be thankful for when you have NDPH. I KNOW. Look harder. Look more carefully. The more you can be thankful for, the better you will feel emotionally. It will strengthen your resolve to go on and to keep fighting your battle.

Desert home, Sedona AZ...a little out of my price range...

Desert home, Sedona AZ...

So this week was a good week. I will deal with the rain and humidity. Just dreaming of my desert oasis will have to be enough for now.

I am thankful for all of the incredible support I’ve received over the past days. It means more than anyone realizes. I am so thankful to my readers as well. Thank you for reading, commenting and for all the emails. You have made this little site a success by visiting.

I am here for you, to support your in your struggle, whenever you need me.

All you have to do is ask. 🙂

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