Thai Yoga Massage for Daily Headache

Can Thai yoga massage relieve the pain of your chronic headaches or New Daily Persistent Headache? The following video highlights one woman’s experience and relief from chronic daily migraines. She experienced a 95% improvement and had suffered from daily headaches for 15 years.

To learn more about the practitioner featured in the video, see thaivinyasa.

See my previous post for more information about other forms of massage therapy for NDPH.


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  1. Hi everyone- I’m going to put this post in two places since I sort of started to mention it on another thread. Basically, I have tried all sorts of medications and IV’s, ect. had every test done…I went to my neurologist two weeks ago and told him the only thing that gives me any “relief” is the occasional percocet, which is not a daily option. But I couldn’t continue living in this fashion. I hadn’t left my house in 3 weeks. He put me on tramadol, 50 mg, two tablets three times a day. Would I say I’m totally better, no. Would I say my quality of life has increased dramatically- YES. I have been out every day. I can drive and not be drowsy. I know this is an addictive medication and it’s “tricking” my brain into thinking it’s not in pain. Basically, my plan is to wean from all other meds, work off the 20 lb extra lbs of baby weight and hopefully wean from this drug so I can get pregnant again. Some days, it is like NDPH never happened to me. I just felt like I needed to reach out and tell you all about my positive experience.

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