Life with NDPH Weekly Update

Cute little Min Pin all dressed up.

Cute little Min Pin all dressed up.

Since I refuse to keep a daily pain diary (daily bringin’ me down diary) I’ve decided that I will at least take a look at how I’m feeling on a weekly basis.
Since I also suffer from mommy brain (an inability to remember random and not so random life events) my weekly NDPH update will hopefully not be too depressing.

Basically, if I don’t remember being huddled up in the fetal position on the kitchen floor in pain, it was a good week.

So this was a good week. I think. Well, wait. Monday was really awful, now that I think about it. It was the last day of a bad 3 day high pain spurt.

Today, I’m doing well again. Headache is around a 2/10.

So, the big question is: Is the Doxycycline / Singulair working for me? I’m not sure yet. It hasn’t been a full two months, but I have adjusted to being on it and no longer have any bothersome side effects, as long as I only take it once a day. Twice a day and it really starts to give me trouble.

I’m such a sensitive girl.

I’m actually feeling well enough to write again, at a more consistent pace. So for me, if I can manage my life, kids, house and still find time to write a little (preferably a lot) then I would say this treatment is more of a success then I expected.

I just want my life back.

This little min pin pup wants to come live with me. I just know it.

This little min pin pup wants to live with me. I just know it.

Here’s the downside. When my pain gets really high, like on Monday, I don’t handle it as well as I have in the past. It’s as if being pain free has actually weakened my ability to cope with the pain physically and emotionally.

I get ticked off, to be honest. As in  WTF is this pain doing here. It’s all about fear. I’m afraid I won’t have those good days again, that the meds aren’t working at all, that I’m going to feel horrible every day for the rest of my life.

I snap out of it as soon as the pain dies down. I rarely felt that way in the past though. I was always able to accept and move on a little bit better.

A side note: Since I posted cute puppy pictures in a couple of previous posts, I thought I would share pics of  a breed I simply adore(but would not dress up): the miniature pinscher (or min pin). I had to stop myself from adopting one this week. I already have a very complete animal family here at my house, including a 100lb+ Labrador sweetie…but I think she might be lonely.

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