Will I Ever Learn?

A headache again...

A headache again...

Some people never learn. That is how I ended my last post. I was referring to myself, of course. And I was absolutely right. Less than 6 hours after posting that I was feeling better, I had a reaction to the medication and was quite ill through the night.

When will I learn to keep my mouth shut? This happens every time I claim to be feeling better. I even knocked on wood.

This is silly, really, because the treatment I am on is the least likely to have negative side effects, when compared to the other drugs that are typically prescribed for NDPH. No one explained that to my body. It seems that I took the doxycyline to close to bedtime, perhaps and I’m supposed to wait a full 30 minutes before lying down.

I know that I am sensitive to medications, except for pain killers. Pain killers only seem to make me not care about the pain. Yet, for the most part, I still feel the pain.

So anyway, I still have a heartburn like pain 4 days later, particularly when I drink coffee or eat anything acidic.  I guess I will be eating bland food for a few days until this passes.

Same old story...

Same old story...

Darn. I hate bland food. I was planning on making my favorite chili today, now that the weather is getting cooler. There is nothing I like better on a cool fall day, except maybe a cup of coffee. But that hurts too.

As far as my headache, it has been slowly getting worse since I stopped taking the medication. Very slowly. I am just about ready to try out another new pain med. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about the possible side effects. I’m just not up for any surprises this morning.

I spoke with Dr. Rozen’ s office this morning, and he is recommending that I only take the  Doxycycline in the morning, with yogurt, to minimize the heartburn factor.

Makes sense. We’ll see how it goes…


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  1. How I feel for those who have written these comments! I was in that position in the 1970’s/1980’s with constant headaches/migraines. Little by little I heard/read of things like vit. B6, aerobic exercise, cutting out/back sugar, learning to handle stress better (HARD!!), consistent daily stretching, improving diet, cutting down/out caffeine..to name a few things.
    Yes, they have helped and I have been headache/migraine-free for 16 yrs now and LOVING IT! Working on better sleep still but off meds that were just making my body more toxic and I feel so much better. Yes, it’s a LOT of work and discipline but welllll worth it. And yes, I use craniosacral therapy which has made a BIG difference in staving off sinus problems/stress-related tension. First thing in a.m. before getting up and last thing at night. Wouldn’t be without it!! Praise God for the writings and health workers who have taught me so much.

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