The Right Neurologist

Maybe. Maybe this doctor can help me.

Tomorrow I will be heading out bright and early for a little road trip to Wilkes-Barre, PA. Shall I stop off in Scranton for a photo opp?

Welcome sign from The Office has been moved to a mall for photo opps!

Welcome sign from "The Office" has been moved to a mall for photo opps!

There are few doctors (that I have discovered) who list NDPH at the top of their list of specialties. The doctor I am lucky enough to be seeing tomorrow, Dr. Todd Rozen at Geisinger Health is actually the first that I have found. I’m sure there are more. There must be. I’m just not sure where they are hiding. It may be easy to find a headache specialist who knows what NDPH is, but Dr. Rozen sounds like “the man” when it comes to NDPH. I’ve read (from more than a dozen) of his previous / current patients that he’s a terrific doctor – and their first choice in neurologists. The one complaint? He isn’t close to where they live.  For me, he’s close enough. I would walk to Pennsylvania, seriously, if I thought my cure was waiting there for me.

Am I too hopeful? Not at all. I don’t think doctors are gods of any kind. In fact, I have almost no faith in modern medicine at all these days, at least when it comes to treating my headache. I’m just not ready to give up yet.


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