Antibiotics + Asthma Meds for NDPH

I had not heard about combining antibiotics and asthma meds to treat NDPH patients until I posted this video a couple of days ago. Christine commented that she had never heard of it before either, so I decided to do a little research.

A quick look at MDJunction’s NDPH Support Group explained it. Now, if I had been keeping up on the developments in the world of NDPH instead of hiding out an denying that I have it STILL, I would have known about this 5 months ago. But, this does feel like it could work or me. An I mean feelas in a gut reaction to the antibiotic idea. I know that the times I have been on antibiotics over the past 4 years, my headaches have lessened, but because I was sick with something else, I didn’t notice until after the fact and figured I was just lucky to not have bronchitis and a headache.

Anyway, instinct is saying try this….try this now!So I am off in search of a doctor who will give me this combo. Many people with NDPH get it following a virus, so I guess this sort of makes sense. I will keep researching and attempting to understand how this works, and will keep you posted.

Why it works for some ( and not for others) I don’t quite understand – but I am in good company on that one. Is it worth trying? In my opinion, absolutely. The side effects are minimal – if any, which is a big plus for me. There are several medications that I refuse to try because the side effects are severe (in my opinion) and not worth the risk.

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