A Short Explanation of New Daily Persistent Heachache

People ask me all the time what NDPH is and I try to tell them in a sentence or less. It doesn’t really clarify it for them. I seem to sugar coat things and downplay the reality of it as much as possible.  I can’t stand hearing the phrase “oh, you poor thing.” Drives me crazy, really.  Yet, it is important for family and close friends to fully understand what we are going though if they are going to be supportive in this struggle.

The following video explains exactly what New Daily Persistent Headache is and how it impacts a persons life.  The woman in the video finds a drug combo that works for her (after two years), but they do go on to say that some people suffer for decades with little relief.


A Short Explanation of New Daily Persistent Heachache — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve suffered from these headaches for almost 18 years (half my life) and have found nothing that works except for Cymbalta which only provides minor relief. Other than that, none of the other treatments I’ve tried (and I’ve tried A LOT) have had any impact including: radio denervation, corticosteroid injections in the occipital and C-spine, chiropractors, massage, cranial-sacral and myofacial and physical therapy, I’ve had MRI’s, MRA’s with and without contract, CAT scans, blood tests, EEG’s, sleep studies, you name it, I’ve tried it but I’ve never heard of this combo. I’m going to ask my neurologist about it at my next appointment. I would give ANYTHING to get rid of this pain, even if it were temporary. Being in a constant state of pain has really ruined my life.

    • Hi Christine – I have never heard of of combining asthma medication with antibiotics either. I was supposed to be going to a new doc today, and was planning on asking about it. I had to reschedule (unfortunately), so if you do speak with your doctor, please let me know what he suggests. I will try to find out more about it in the meantime.

      I am so sorry that nothing has worked for you. It sounds like you have tried everything -and I am disappointed to learn that cranio-sacral, myofascial and massage didn’t help. Before I had my children, I was a licensed massage therapist, and I specialized in just those disciplines. I treated primarily migraine sufferers, with good results. Ironic really. Doesn’t help me either.

      Another thing to consider – and I’ll be posting about this soon – is a possible Lyme’s disease link.

      Please hang in there – you are not alone in this.

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